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The Importance of Geotechnical Investigations

Geotechnical investigations play a critical role in all development projects. These investigations help to evaluate the physical and engineering properties of the soil and rock underlying a project site. This information is essential for designing and constructing foundations, retaining structures, and other geotechnical features required to support the warehouse's structural integrity.

Here are some of the key reasons why geotechnical investigations are so important in industrial warehouse development projects:

  1. Evaluating soil properties: Geotechnical investigations help to evaluate the physical and engineering properties of the soil at the project site, including its strength, stiffness, and compressibility. This information is essential for designing appropriate foundation systems that can support the loads of the warehouse and its contents.

  2. Identifying potential hazards: Geotechnical investigations can also identify potential hazards at the project site, such as unstable soil, groundwater, or slope instability. This information is critical for identifying potential risks and designing appropriate mitigation measures to ensure the safety of workers and the structural integrity of the warehouse.

  3. Supporting design decisions: Geotechnical investigations provide critical information to support the design decisions for the warehouse's foundation and other geotechnical features. This information helps ensure that the warehouse is structurally sound and can withstand the stresses of its intended use.

  4. Avoiding costly surprises: Geotechnical investigations can help identify potential issues early in the design and construction process, preventing costly surprises later on. These investigations can help to identify issues that might require additional soil stabilization or foundation modifications before construction begins.

  5. Compliance with regulations: Many local and state regulations require geotechnical investigations for industrial warehouse development projects. Ensuring that these investigations are conducted and properly evaluated can help avoid delays and potential legal issues.

Geotechnical investigations are a critical component of industrial warehouse development projects. They provide essential information for designing appropriate foundation systems, identifying potential hazards, supporting design decisions, avoiding costly surprises, and complying with regulations. By investing in geotechnical investigations early in the project, developers can ensure that the warehouse is structurally sound and safe for its intended use. In the Coastal GA and SC markets, most industrial sites require surcharging the building pad area and monitoring the settlement of the building pad material. This is a site-specific cost that should not be overlooked.

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